Frequently Asked Questions
nibu Provider

Is the nIbu app available everywhere?

Work to expand the coverage area is underway! Currently, nibu is available in:






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Is there a fee to join nibu?

No, both apps – “nibu” and “nibu-Provider” – are completely free to download and sign up. There are no subscription fees or monthly fees to worry about.

Do Service Providers have to pay anything to nibu?

If you are subscribing as a nibu-Provider, for every service request that you accept and complete, you keep 90% of the total labor fee. nibu charges 10% service fee, which also includes payment processing fees.

Do I have to use the nibu app to get paid by the customer for my services?

Yes. According to our Terms of Use agreed upon by every customer AND service provider, if the initial communication between the customer and service provider was started via the nibu or nibu-Provider platform, OR if the initial service request was initiated/accepted via the nibu or nibu-Provider platform, then you are legally responsible to make sure that the payment for your services to the same customer always occurs via the nibu platform. Your attempts to take payment from that customer outside of nibu platform not only puts you at risk, but also puts your customer at risk for any penalty/penalties that may result from such action(s).

Additionally, nibu is deeply engaged in giving back to the community, and we are also offering free health benefits to its qualifying customers and service providers in the US

When do I get paid by the customer?

As soon as the service provider hits the “End Service” button, the invoice is generated which the service provider can review, edit and send to the customer. Once the customer approves the invoice, payment is automatically deducted from the customer’s payment method in their profile.

How often do I get paid? Does the money go directly to my bank account immediately after I complete the service?

You get paid right away, when the customer makes the payment. So you don’t have to wait for Fridays or end of the month to get your paycheck. It takes 2-3 business days for the money to appear in your bank account.

What does the “Pause/Resume Service” button do?

For jobs that may take few hours, if the service provider wants to take a lunch break (or any other break), they can pause the service while they take a break. Or if the job takes multiple days to finish, the service provider can pause when they go home in the evening and resume it next morning, when they are back to work.